Monday, March 1, 2010

Why wait for the new TVR? Get one now... but not from TVR

On the heels of the expected announcement of TVR's long-awaited return to the US market, I just read on Autoblog that an Indiana car dealer, Carmel Motorsports, is selling remanufactured TVRs as rolling chassis in the USA. The models they sell are the Tuscan, Sagaris, and T350, which are some pretty mean machines previously available only on more liberal shores. Just as long as the buyer supplies an EPA-compliant engine the cars are totally street-legal. The best part: the cars aren't being distributed by the TVR, but a TVR nonetheless - Total Vehicle Remanufacturing...  No more info yet online about them other than the Autoblog article.

Source: Why wait for the new TVR? Get one now... but not from TVR (Autoblog)

UPDATE: Apparently the real TVR is none too happy about Total Vehicle Remanufacturing selling it's car chassis and bodies in the US without their permission. They say they'll be looking into the matter to make sure it doesn't conflict with their own interests during the brand's revival and could potentially bring suit against the other TVR. Oh well, nice try at least... (Autoblog)

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  1. Remember kids, it's pronounced Car-mle, not Car-mael.